5 Ways to Spring Clean Your Soul

In the midst of winter, it can be comforting to think ahead to the renewal that spring brings. Visions of a fresh start and a clean environment can be hopeful and exciting. While we all think about cleaning our houses into tip-top shape, we often neglect the most important part of our lives: our souls.




This spring, while you air out your sanctuary, why not air out your spirit as well? Here are 5 ways to do just that:




  1. Don’t take that trip: identify any sources of guilt that are weighing you down. Lighten up by either changing the situation or your perspective. Guilt is a great motivator, but many of us spend time taking guilt trips instead of making the necessary changes in our lives. How can you look at the situation differently? Are you being realistic? What action steps can you take?
  2. Let it go: are you weighing yourself down with things that you can’t change? Are you carrying around resentment toward someone or something? Decide to let go of any negative feelings that you have and trust that things will work out. They always do one way or another! Trying to control the uncontrollable is very stressful and unnecessary.
  3. Become your own cheerleader: watch how you talk to yourself. Instead of being a harsh critic, try supporting yourself! Find words or phrases that you find to be inspiring and use them in your self-talk. After all, if you hear something often enough, you will come to believe it. Why not invest your time in words of support?
  4. Pick your pie: instead of having your fingers in many pies, choose your favorite to indulge in. Many people have so many different things on their schedules that it is tough for them to enjoy any one of them. Try picking your favorite optional activity to put your energy into and let the others go. We tend to shine when we are doing something that we love to do!
  5. Don’t own it unless it is yours: many times, we take on others’ pain as our own. If your spouse is having problems, make sure you are there for support, but make sure that you don’t take on the problem as if it were yours. We tend to complicate our own lives by trying to solve everyone else’s problems. Stay focused on your needs and don’t get bogged down trying to meet the needs of someone else.




Giving some attention to these 5 simple exercises will help you feel lighter, stronger and refreshed, ready to face the world with confidence! Giving daily attention to your own needs will ensure that this “spring cleaning” lasts all year long.

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Said this on 10-6-2011 At 08:51 pm
i find my self trying to be a good person a hero and i end up being the bad guy. sometimes i can see peoples sould but they cant see myne they judge me with out knowing me they make up rumors about me and people believe them and im here with a fake smile on my face i dont know what else to do i dont do drugs i dont have a boyfriend i dont have kids i dont drink i have A B and C's at school i try to get along with my family what do i do move out to a different school ignore them is not helping
Said this on 5-23-2007 At 12:07 pm
Dear Stacey,
I found this article to be informative and very helpful with regard to how individuals can release themselves of too much stress...I found "let it go" part as well as section #1 (guilt trip) wonderfully written and meaningful sections of your article. However, I think it might confuse some readers because they were probably looking for some recommendations regarding spiritual growth when you mentioned the word "soul". This is a very meaningful and complex word, and I think the recommendations that you provided were, though practical for some people, might not be necessarily culturally and religiously helpful for others. For instance, taking on others' pain as our own may be, on the contrary, a way of cleansing some one's soul (basically it is the foundation of all Christian faiths...compassion and empathy is always good for someone's soul...other religions as well)...Some individuals receive a lot of comfort and peace when they feel that they can help others even if it burdens them for some time. Some find the meaning of their lives in helping others, and not necessarily in indulging in their own favorite activity. I think if you would just paraphrase the last sentence of your first paragraph and especially the word "soul" in it(as well as the heading) the information in your article would be helpful for more readers. Thank you. Dr. V
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