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Cynthia HenrieCynthia Henrie, LMFT
"I offer a safe, supportive, inviting and confidential environment. I am a very personable therapist who will team up with you so you can reach your goals, transitions and dreams!"

Clinton SymonsCheryl Deaner, M.S.
"I received my Masters Degree from San Francisco State University in both Marriage and Family Therapy and Rehabilitation Counseling and was licensed as a Marriage and Family Therapist in 2000. My studies have also included drug and alcohol abuse and psychoanalytic psychotherapy."



Eric EndlichCoping With Addictions by Eric Endlich
How Do I Know If I'm Addicted? If any of the following conditions describes you, you have been abusing alcohol or drugs: * your substance use prevents you from doing what you need to do at work, at school, or at home * you repeatedly use a substance in ways that can be physically dangerous (e.g., driving under the influence).....

Linda SapadinEntitled Kids, Defensive Parents by Linda Sapadin, Ph.D.
We have been in a new era of child rearing for quite sometime now. This new era was supposed to be an improvement over the old one, in which disciplining children was based on an unreflective use of fear, punishment and “do it, because I said so.”

Eric LoebForgiveness, Child Abuse, Dissociation and an Experiment with Gentle Reparenting by Eric Loeb
The following is my contribution to Lois Einhorn’s book, Forgiveness and Child Abuse, Would YOU Forgive (Robert D. Reed Publishers, 2006). I was included because I was Lois’ therapist when her memories surfaced.

David S. Wachtel, Ph. D.The Psychological Evaluation in Child Custody Cases by David S. Wachtel, Ph. D.
The relationships between the legal system and mental health care providers have become increasingly interconnected in recent years. The increased strain on the family and the emergence of the “disposable society” have resulted in overwhelming numbers of divorces, re-marriages and blended families having become much more commonplace and acceptable



26 Reasons Why Relationships Fail And How To Know If You Are Having Unhealthy, Sad Relationships
Unhealthy, Sad Relationships have some general notable characteristics in common. Here are 26 basic guidelines for reference. They are not in order of importance.

Stroke Is No Longer a Disease of Old Age
A stroke, or brain attack, is caused by the sudden loss of blood flow to the brain or bleeding inside the head. Each can cause brain cells to stop functioning or die. When nerve cells in the brain die, the function of body parts they control is harmed or lost..


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